the struggle within
The hunter becomes the prey
the logical extreme of the tough cop
Don't call me Dick, call me Ishmael!
Evolution in game design
Evolution turned Revolution
Experience the Magic
extravagantly chivalrous
Shared Narratives taken to the next level
Who you gonna call?
... only you can stop the plague!
... only you can safe them!
slice of afterlife
Your Most Personal Journaling Experience
5 Fists
Your Weapon defines your Character
The honorable Wizards Duel
A Magical Girl Game
A Shared Narrative for 2 players about Transformations and Magical Girls
Partner Game inspired by Legends
A Shared Narrative where you Safe the Island today or tomorrow, or the day after .. doesn't matter - it's always Today!
An intimate Partner Game
-punk Augment
A game seed that inspires balance and consequences.
Spicy Hot Cabbage Game
Read Dune and journal your thoughts and feelings
Ever wanted to be a smuggler on Dune? Now you can!
A mission for What's so Cool about SPICE!
Gruesome rules to spice up your combat with the 5 Elements!
Handy Cards for the Element Dice System
Even more vanilla than that white feng shui dude
Your only option to win the war!
Tactical Combat Checklist
Making the world a better place
Fölk-lore needs more poodles
A new Class for (Space)-Fantasy RPGs
They will eat your face!
You're Thirsty - this is a Trap!
A Side Game to play along your favorite RPG
A cathartic experience in friendship
A Pie Fight RPG for My Little Scythe
One-Page DIY booklet
A setting agnostic Cooperative Storytelling Game + SRD
Just a way to drop some tips
中文游戏手册 Chinese Version

Element Collection