extravagantly chivalrous
Shared Narratives taken to the next level
Who you gonna call?
I'm too old for this shit!
Your Most Personal Journaling Experience
5 Fists
Your Weapon defines your Character
The honorable Wizards Duel
A Magical Girl Game
A Shared Narrative for 2 players about Transformations and Magical Girls
Partner Game inspired by Legends
A Shared Narrative where you Safe the Island today or tomorrow, or the day after .. doesn't matter - it's always Today!
An intimate Partner Game
-punk Augment
A game seed that inspires balance and consequences.
Spicy Hot Cabbage Game
Read Dune and journal your thoughts and feelings
Ever wanted to be a smuggler on Dune? Now you can!
A mission for What's so Cool about SPICE!
Gruesome rules to spice up your combat with the 5 Elements!
Handy Cards for the Element Dice System
Even more vanilla than that white feng shui dude
Your only option to win the war!
Tactical Combat Checklist
Making the world a better place
Fölk-lore needs more poodles
A new Class for (Space)-Fantasy RPGs
They will eat your face!
You're Thirsty - this is a Trap!
A Side Game to play along your favorite RPG
A cathartic experience in friendship
A Pie Fight RPG for My Little Scythe
One-Page DIY booklet
A setting agnostic Cooperative Storytelling Game + SRD
Just a way to drop some tips
中文游戏手册 Chinese Version
A unique Coven of Spirits - inspired by Chinese myths & legends

Element Collection