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Have you heard about how literally out there Spelljammer literally  is? - Me too!
Have you read it? - Me neither!

So, here's what happens when I throw in some obscure movie soundtrack and start writing!

This supplement is part of the HexDrive Zine Jam, that follows the exact same premise: creating something "based on Spelljammer without actually reading it!"

Did I have fun creating this? - You bet I did!
Is it silly?-  Sure it is!
Is it playable? - Who am I to judge? I'm biased, but I'd say Yeah!!
Should you watch The American Astronaut? - Definitely!

So get a new magenta cartridge for your printer because you'll need it!

Disclaimer: We are not associated with the Wizards of the Coast. The 5e Cover Version is an aesthetic choice as reaction to corporate creed. If they choose to be generic, then that means they loose any claim on the specific. In now way do I ever indicate that this is anything else that home-brew and any donation to this project is not an official compensation.
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Tagsblow-your-mind, dnd, roughneck, shared-narrative, spelljammer, thugs


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Rughnecks and Thugs v2.pdf 1 MB
Rughnecks and Thugs v2 5e cover.pdf 1 MB
Rughnecks and Thugs.pdf 885 kB
Rughnecks and Thugs Plaintext.txt 10 kB

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If 10 people drop $3.33 each, I will sit down and make an audio recording for Roughnecks & Thugs!

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Drop $88.88 and I will get together with you and 2~3 of your friends and we will play a one-shot online, where all of you get to be Roughnecks & Thugs!

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