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Are you looking to up your strategic game?
Do you want to outmaneuver your enemies?

Master Sun - Philosopher, Military Mastermind and Bestselling Author - offers their consulting service to provide you with the best advice spade money can buy!

Offered consulting services cover:

  • Detail Assessment and Planning
  • Waging War
  • Strategic Attack
  • Disposition of the Army
  • Forces
  • Weaknesses and Strengths
  • Military Maneuvers
  • Variations and Adaptability
  • Movement and Development of Troops
  • Terrain
  • The Nine Battlegrounds
  • Attacking with Fire
  • Intelligence and Espionage

The downloadable card offers 5 strategic situational assessments by Master Su and for a limited time only, the 6th military assessment and advice is free!

Additionally, free consulting advice can be found in SunZi's Checklist!

The Consultant Card is part of the Pleasure-not-Buisness Card Jam and The 4F Tactical Combat Jam.


Download NowName your own price

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SunZi's Business Card.pdf 109 kB

Consultant Service

Support this Consultant Card at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Military Strategy

You will receive the opportunity to sit down with the Mastermind of this wild campaign* themselves and chat about whatever you like! Who knows, maybe even military strategy.

*Disclaimer: The Mastermind behind this wild campaign is not SunZi. Unfortunately, SunZi recently passed away in the year 496 BCE. This is just a scam to get your money!

Personalized Reading

Not sure why anyone would want this, but I could read The Art of War to you out loud. It's not that long.

Ethical Consultation

Get the chance to sit and chat about ethical implications in The Art of War. This is actually something I really care about and I am happy to talk about for free!

(to claim an actual Ethical Consultation, you need to Comment so I can get in touch with you)

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