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Dune - A Bookmark Journaling Game is a fan-fiction journaling game in which you will focus on one character and journal their thoughts while reading Frank Herbert's Dune.

This game is part of the Bookmarks Game Jam, even though I somewhat broke the rules a bit. I created an extra page for instructions and a legal notice, BUT you will get a recipe for Cinnamon Coffee - or how we call it here: Spice Coffe - with it, so that's clearly a win!

Since Dune touches very difficult topics, a Content Warning is in order: This Bookmark Journaling Game asks you to dive into a character of your choice (and we created a bookmark for each character) and journal their thoughts. Some of these topics might be touching a subject you are uncomfortable with. If you ever feel uncomfortable, make sure to look after yourself first: Disengage, make yourself comfortable, talk with someone you trust.

This Bookmark Journaling Game is part of an idea that ties in with a small RPG called What's so Cool about SPICE and a mission for the RPG called Attack and Dethrone Paul. Unfortunately, bundles can only be created for paid content on Itch and all of these titles are free, so you will have to click the links manually. Sorry about that!

All  of these games are the work of fans, love letters to the source material, if you will - and fan-fiction should be free!

Gender Nihilist wrote: "Something that gives me cause to re-read Dune not just once but SEVERAL times?? And gives me a blank bookmark so I can fill it in with characters from the rest of the series if I so chose?? (I'm looking at you God-Emperor Leto II) Hell yes. I'm so into all three of these linked games that I actually paid $ for them, but you dear reader of this review can have them FOR FREE! DO IT!"

Legal Disclaimer: Dune is written by Frank Herbert in 1965 and the book and all characters are copyrighted by Herbert Properties LLC, all rights reserved.

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Dune Bookmark Journaling Game.pdf 344 kB
Bookmark Paul.pdf 369 kB
Bookmark Jessica.pdf 369 kB
Bookmark Alia.pdf 368 kB
Bookmark Baron Harkonnen.pdf 369 kB
Bookmark Dr Kynes.pdf 369 kB
Bookmark Duke Leto.pdf 370 kB
Bookmark Chani.pdf 7 MB
Bookmark Feyd-Rautha.pdf 369 kB
Bookmark Gurney Halleck.pdf 369 kB
Bookmark Piter de Vries.pdf 368 kB
Bookmark Stilgar.pdf 369 kB
Bookmark Thufir Hawat.pdf 369 kB
Bookmark blank.pdf 368 kB
Bookmark Collection.zip 5 MB

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Went to download this excellent looking game today to find that the Bookmark for Chani is the same as for Paul? Didn't check the others. Just thought I would let you know!

Thanks for pointing this out. The prompts are the ones for Chani, it was just the wrong name in the bookmark. I corrected the mistake.

Thanks for correcting this. Indeed, it was just the name. Looking forward to playing this!

Opening Scene of Dune (2021)

this is such a clever idea! I hope we can see more like this in the future with other books too!

Thank you so much for your kind words! We didn't plan on making more of these bookmarks, but we believe you could adopt the principle of our bookmarks to any other book - even if you are not familiar with the book. Yes, you won't get prompts based on specific situations that are significant for a character within the plot, but we believe that journaling your thoughts based on situations you as the reader feel significant will turn reading into an exceptional experience!


Dune - A Bookmark Journaling Game is a mini rpg to play while reading Dune. You take on the role of a character within the book while you read it, and you journal your thoughts to the events of the book as they happen.

It's 2 pages, easily readable, with a nice thematic background and a spiced coffee recipe to boot.

It's also a really cool concept. It's a fan game that generates fan fiction that is, by its nature, fully compatible with the original work.

Overall, if you like Dune and you like writing, I'd definitely recommend checking this out. It's a novel way to read the, uh, novel, and the coffee recipe is a nice touch.


Thanks so much for your kind words! I hope you enjoy a fun time reading and discovering the characters in the book in a new way!


I really like the ones I've read and have a very selfish request. Would you be willing to also put all of them together in a single zip file for easy downloading? 


Of course! I should have done that from the get go. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks! I appreciate it.


I'm completely biased, as I helped with the creation, but I'd still recommend it to anyone looking for some guided reading/journaling games.   Also for anyone who loves Dune!