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WuDe - 2nd Edition

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五德 (Wu De) is a narrative Role-Playing Game - a Shared Narrative. You will immerse yourself in an evocative story and let the 5 Elements guide you through your narrative!

五德 is setting agnostic, which means it you can play 五德 in any setting you choose. Creating your own setting is part of setting up your unique game experience - and 五德 encourages you to build your own worlds with only your imagination as limit!

五德 is the Base Game of the Element Dice System. It is a toolbox for your own creations!

五德 is  Powered by the Elements (Element Dice System), a system based on the east-asian philosophy of Yin & Yang and the 5 Powers, or Elements.

The game requires only 6 d6 in two different colors (3 white dice, 3 black dice - or any 2 colors you choose). But you can easily create your own Element Dice with some creativity.

But there's more

But 五德 is much more. You will not only get a Game, you will also receive guidance to tailor your game experience to your tables needs - playing with the mechanics of your game to fit them to the tone of your game.

But wait, there's still more

We also include a Setting Guide with more guidance for world building and 6 Settings that feature 35 Storylines for you to get going right away!

So, what's new in the 2nd edition?

There's a lot of new things happening! 

  • We updated the content and expanded on the mechanics by adding sections that explicitly talk about variations of game play
  • We streamlined the individual sections and added specific questions to foster a more natural dive into the game
  • We also expanded on the Sample Settings and moved them with the Storylines into a whole new booklet
  • We updated the overall look of the booklet and distributed more of the artwork throughout the booklet

Reviewers say:

Solid edition update!
The dice mechanics alone are worth their weight in gold.
WuDe is a really slick evocative and malleable storytelling system.
Inventive dice system
...cooperative storytelling game with unique features...
Great for more story focused games and newer roleplayers!
The specialized dice are an added feature as are the East Asian elements incorporated into the mechanics.

Quick Guide

You can also find a Quick Guide here.

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Mariann: Soul Detective

Mariann: Soul Detective is the dark and somber counterpart to Clean-Up Crew. Mariann is a quiet game for two that takes you through the transformation from a gifted young person to a Soul Detective - equipped with magic powered by the 5 Elements!

The Moment You Were Born

The Moment You Were Born is probably the most unique experience you will come across here on itch - so exceptional, that we didn't call it a game to avoid any misunderstandings. But it still takes the Element Dice System and uses it in an extraordinary way.

An Affair of Honor

An Affair of Honor is the proof that itchfunding works! Funded in under 5 minutes - An Affair of Honor delivers fun in a way you never used Domino tiles before!

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Sacred Forge by the talented Cat of Peach Garden Games is currently itchfunding to support the Actual Play Podcast Roar To Heaven of their LUMEN game Blazing Hymn - everything excellent!

Sageuk! - Roleplay in Joseon

Sageuk! - Roleplay in Joseon by Hessan Yongdi showcases the 5 Elements in a historical Korean setting and provides great guidance on how to use regular d6 with the Element Dice System.

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