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You don't understand! They are not just automatons in the shape of Gnolls - they are killing machines! They are cunning and their mocking mechanical laughs will take your courage - but you git to keep your courage and be cunning yourself! You can't reason with them, they are beyond reason - but you can use your own wits to defeat them!

- survivor report

Autognolls are finally here

- and if they get a chance, they WILL eat your face!

Made for fun and to be be used freely! No need for any formal license - because if you somehow landed on this page, you are probably deep in the indie circle and will give me a shout-out anyway! Seriously, tell me if you used the Autognolls and what you liked about them - either here or on Twitter (@wuderpg).

CategoryPhysical game
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Tags5e, dnd, dnd5e, spelljammer


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