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Get to know your Character

RISE takes the idea of getting to know your character and turns it into play. The easy to adopt 3 Act structure of RISE guides your players to build a relationship with their character and challenges them in a unique way in the third Act.

(Not just) For Game Designers

The RISE Creator Kit or System Reference Document (SRD) is made for game designers that want to put a spin on their games. It can be used by itself or you can add your ideas into it. You can even combine RISE with other SRDs and bring the 3 Act structure into your game as a way to learn the rules of your creation.

RISE is a quick and easy read. The booklet is 12 pages and besides the core elements of RISE, we also provide suggestions beyond the core mechanics.

But even if you don't want to design your own game, RISE can give you ideas and structure when playing and an interesting way to get to know your character.

For Guiding New Players

RISE is created with new players in mind. The simple structure of RISE makes it easy for new players to get a firm grasp on their character and the game and will help them have fun from the start. If you run an RPG club at your school or just want to help your friends into this hobby, RISE can help you with that!

So what are you waiting for?

RISE is yours to use - except if you are a bigot*! No fancy license, no agreement, just give credit where credit is due!

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Made To Rise

We created a neat logo without background for you, so add the Made To Rise Logo into your game!


We don't have a fancy lines for RISE, but we believe in Give Credit where Credit is Due! - And this will always be true!

Our RISE Games

  • Rise of the Apes: Play as a group of Apes escaping a laboratory on their quest to reach freedom in the woods.
  • Rise of the Judges: Our take on Judge Dredd and our contribution to the #Dungeon23 idea with one floor of Plum Tree Tower released every month as Tower23 update.
  • Rise of the Dick: A silly game that started as a joke and turned it into one of the most gorgeous games designed in 2023 so far.
  • Spared: A solo journaling game depicting the aftermath of Rise of the Dick. Revolutionary game design using pick-up sticks (Mikado sticks) as resolution mechanic.
  • Rise of the Runner: Our exploration of what it means to be human.

Check out the submissions to the first RISE Jam here.

*How you know you are a bigot? Easy: Do you have a problem with safety tools? Do you have a problem with pronouns? Do you hate people simply for who they are? If your answer to any of these questions with yes, you are a bigot!

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