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五德 (Wu De) - The Five Powers is a narrative RPG. It is setting agnostic, which means it you can play 五德 - The Five Powers in any setting you choose. Creating your own setting is part of setting up your unique game experience.

五德 - The Five Powers is powered by the Element Dice System, a system based on the east-asian philosophy of Yin & Yang and the 5 Powers, or Elements.

The game requires only 6 d6 in two different colors (3 white dice, 3 black dice - or any 2 colors you choose).

You can also find a Quick Guide here.

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Buy Now$7.25 USD or more

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Wu De.pdf 10 MB
Wu De Character Sheet.pdf 267 kB
Wu De Character Sheet bw.pdf 281 kB
Wu De Character Sheet Contrast.pdf 232 kB

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How many players is this intended for? 2+, 3+?


Hey! I have played it with groups ranging from 2 to 8 players. The game is player driven storytelling, so having too many players can cause some of the players not having that much input. It is important to allow all players to create the story so 2 or three creative players is great.

Understood! Thank you very much for the reply!