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Attack and Dethrone Paul is a fan-fiction game and a mission for What's so Cool about Spice.

It is a submission to the Attack and Dethrone God Jam.

Just like in What’s so Cool about SPICE, you play a group of smugglers on Dune. You smuggle Spice for Shaddam IV of House Corrino, but you try to keep your options open. For the right price, you’ll smuggle almost anything, and your price is Spice!
After the Duke Leto Atreides has been granted the fief over Dune, the Baron Harkonnen, secretly backed by emperor Shaddam IV, attacked House Atreides and had Duke Leto assassinated. Paul and Jessica were able to flee into the desert where Paul is said to become the chosen one of the Missionaria Protectiva. He is on his way to the south to gather the Naibs of the Fremen …

To really enjoy this game, you must have read Frank Herbert's Dune, at least the first book. We will see if the new Dune movies will stay as close to the source material as they promise. You should read Dune anyway, it's a great book! To prepare yourself for the game, you could get the Bookmark Journaling Game and read Dune again with a single character to focus on.

What's so cool about SPICE, the Bookmark Journaling Game and Attack and Dethrone Paul are part of the same idea - unfortunately, bundles can only be created for paid content on Itch and all of these titles are free, so you will have to click the links manually. Sorry about that!.

All of these games are the work of a fan, love letters to the source material, if you will - and fan-fiction should be free!

Legal Disclaimer: Dune is written by Frank Herbert in 1965 and the book and all characters are copyrighted by Herbert Properties LLC, all rights reserved.


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