Overwhelming Feedback

When we started working on the 2nd Edition for WuDe, we never expected this to happen: Within less than 24 hours, we made it into the top 10 on Itch's trending page. We are on #8 at the moment I write this post. (Edit: Fast Forward 12 hours and we are #6! Number SIX!)

We are humbled by the overwhelming support we received and want to thank everyone for their appreciation of our work! Thank you for all the stars you showed us in and we are looking forward to your stories in the community section!

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Will a printable version be available? Or maybe an A4 or A5 version

Hi! We are looking into prints, but right now it is hard to say.  We do however plan on bringing our custom Element Dice at least to North America. If we can combine that with a print run, that would be ideal - and people that bought the PDF would definitely not have to pay twice!

We will also soon update the game page with a version of the PDF that only shows one page at the time so it's easier to read on a laptop screen.