New Reward - Create your own Weapon

Ever since the debacle with Kickstarter, we have seen folx stepping up they itchfunding game by a lot! That made us think what other reward besides the amazing Play with the Creator reward we could offer.

So we decided to give you - yes YOU - the opportunity to put your very own spin on the weapons for Clean-Up Crew!

We offer 5 people the opportunity to sit down with us and create their very own weapon - and then we will put that into the game the way you want it - name and everything! This is going to be epic!

So don't wait too long, because I have a feeling these rewards will go quick!

Edit: Hot damn, this first slot was taken quick! Now there's only 4 slots left! Told this will go quick!

Edit #2: Holy Moly! The second slot it taken! Only 3 slots left! This is wild!

Edit #3: Like freshly beaked bread in the morning! We are down to 2 slots for this reward!

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Hello! I bought the weapon option last night as soon as I saw this notification for $9.90. I've already bought the game for $15. Can I still input a weapon idea? Thanks again! Love this game! 


First, thanks a lot for your support!

Second, hell yeah! Let me get in contact with you through the email address attached to your purchase.