Itchfunding for big projects moves slower than on other platforms, but that's because we do things differently here. So we are hyped to announce we are 75% FUNDED!

With this milestone on our way to create the most Kick-Ass ttrpg of 2022, we had to readdress how we marked our funding goals. Over the last two months, our team of artists has doubled! DOUBLED! That's twice the art as initially calculated.

To simplify this, we restructured our funding goal, added some of the new artists into the main goal, while marking others down for a stretch goal, just to keep this somewhat organized. But these goals are really just for me to keep track, because as I mentioned multiple times already: my artists are getting paid 50% when they start and 50% when they hand in the final piece. This would have happened even if we never got anyone to back Clean-Up Crew. The only one taking a risk is me!

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Thanks! We are super excited!