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What is Lumen exactly?

Hey! LUMEN is the system we use for the mechanics of Clean-Up Crew. You can find the System Reference Document (SRD) by Spencer Sample here.

LUMEN is created with the idea of simple rules and fast paced combat in mind. The idea is to bring the power fantasy style of video games like Destiny to your table and it works like a charm. You can easily have combat with waves of monsters that lasts only 1 hours of real time, because it is so simple and quick. Most sessions I played have been between 1 and 1-1/2 hours, but if you want to turn your game into multiple sessions with an overreaching arc, you can easily do that as well.

Thank you!

With every update I get more excited about the Artisan Version! Any chance we could see some teaser pictures!

You ask and we deliver!

Check out this overview over just some of the design in the book! You have every right to be excited!

This is f***ing rad!

Here is Garmbreak1 talking with Ralf (@wuderpg) about Clean-Up Crew!

I love the conceit of Clean-Up Crew: rad Cleaners burst through magical circles to rescue Soul Detectives when their latest case has turned messy! It's cool framing for action, and I can't wait to see what the itchfunded mini-campaign looks like!

I've got a little bit of a hype thread talking about some of the things I like about this game here.

Thanks for your kind words, Nick!

Love your Hype thread and the things you highlight there!

And just as you can't wait for the mini-campaign, I can't wait to work on it!

I'm a big fan of all the WuDe games but this one is especially cool. The collection of elements after defeating the monsters to be used  in play is excellent. I also was impressed that this game is a companion game to the Soul Detective game. While both can be played independently, it's a clever idea to place them both in the same game world. I highly recommend   "Kicking Ass" of some monsters as the Clean Up Crew!

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Thanks for your kind words for Clean-Up Crew and thanks for your shout-out to Mariann: Soul Detective!

Clean up crew is a game for players and a storyteller that heavily relies on a simple, but elegant, gameplay loop: a messy case happens, your crew is called to "kick ass" and after finishing the case, the characters get back to their HQ to have downtime, a much calmer sequence. 


Firstly, as said, this elegant gameplay loop will make the experience really clear but also makes reading the rules simple: the information is delivered in a logical order that facilitates their comprehension. 


Speaking of comprehension, the gameplay mechanics uses the LUMEN system (6-sided dice) with 3 different attributes: POWERS, PASSION and PATTERNS. However, what really feels like a core feature that will make the experience interesting, is the elements. 


There are five of them: wood, fire, earth, metal, water. Each enemy can have an element but what is cool about the game design here is the fact that when characters die, the consequence will be different according to the element. Indeed, characters will get cursed, curse that can either be controlled or not, and that bring really great complications. 


However, characters are not defenseless, and they have ways to kick some ass and survive: weapons and spells. The latter one feels interesting, as it requires Qi to be cast, has an element and also what I feel like a "tag»: some spells will have solo effects, other area effect or lasting effects. That make the design of the spells understandable and usable quickly!


Finally, because the game focuses on fights, the rules feature a content warning and safety tools at the beginning. I like this, as it clearly is a great example of how the game was designed: as a fun and enjoyable experience for all players that engage in clean-up crew! 


Thank you for this beautiful review and your kind words!

I did a Hypeswap with WuDe reviewing Clean-up Crew. I found it interesting and an inspired mix of their Elemental Dice system and the LUMEN SRD!

Feel free to look at the full review here!

Thanks for your amazing review and your support!

A fast-paced and exciting take on another, more contemplative game! I love the pairing of this and Mariann: Soul Detective! Having a game for gently ushering souls to the afterlife and another game for kicking their asses is absolutely inspired.
Definitely pick this game up, hopefully while it's itchfunding.

Thanks for the kind words and your amazing review on Twitter!